How You Can Help

The local community is launching a legal battle against Banks Group and the government, and we need your help to fund it.

When the Secretary of State turned down the demands of 86,000 people to protect Pont Valley, we asked for reasons and his office refused. We think our elected politician should be held to account and as a result we are using the Judicial Review process to demand reasons

We have also launched a private prosecution for the wildlife crime. We need to hold them to account: if Banks Group, the only expansionist coal mining in the UK are found guilty, this could be a huge win for ending coal extraction.

Eight defendants took direct action at the eleventh hour in bid to stop UK’s newest opencast mine from being opened. In Court, the judge dismissed the reason for their actions – stopping climate change – and they were fined an excessively large sum of £8323, to deter them from further protecting people and planet. Can you help us raise money to pay off the fines?

We need you to support our local community to fight against corporate power and ecocides. Please support and share our fundraisers.